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Indian Peacock Mutations




The following mutations are not in our breeding stock. The pictures are only samples and they were all arisen out of the Indian Peacock by breeders selection.

As already mentioned before, these mutations are very popular in the USA. In Europe these mutations can be found only very rarely, except the Black Shoulder and White Peacock.

Since all these mutations arose from the Indian Blue Peacock, there is no different in the husbandry compared to the Blue Peacock. If  you are keeping different types, you have to separate them for the breeding, otherwise they will cross each other.

Additionally all these mutations are also available in different splading variations (crossings with green  peafowl). This is a big problem. Very often these spalding peafowl are looking very similar as pure greens and than they were unaware used for breeding with pure greens. This has to be avoided, because this can destroy complete breeding stocks or populations of pure greens. Everybody should have always in his mind that the most green peafowl populations in Asian countries are fighting for their survival. In many places the wild populations have to be increased with captive raised animals already.

It is all free for everybody what he wants to keep and breed, as long as it is taken sensible and controlled. This should be considered seriously by all interested owners and breeders, in order to avoid even greater damages in the future.






Schwarzflügel gescheckt 1

(Pavo ctristatus mut. Bronze)

White Peacock
( Pavo cristatus mut. alba)

Black Shoulder Pied
Pavo cristatus mut. pied and negripennis

Schwarzflügel 3




Midnight 1

Black Shoulder
(Pavo cristatus mut. Nigripennis)

(Pavo cristatus mut. oaten)

Indian Blue Pied
(Pavo cristatus mut. pied)

(Pavo cristataus mut. opal)

(Pavo cristatus mut. negripennis and midnight)